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JLBC Attending events

JLBC Attending events

While digital networking helps expand your contacts, you can make stronger connections face to face. Business associations and professional bodies often run specific networking events, but meeting with colleagues, clients, or suppliers is a chance to network. In any event, take time to gauge the etiquette— more often, it’s about socializing, with business follow-ups the next day. Try to talk in-depth with two or three people with the potential to help you rather than working the entire room, and always follow up the next day with anything promised. Suggest a way to collaborate that might be of mutual benefit—don’t pitch for business unless the event is designed for that.

Keep in touch regularly and always follow up on promises

Think creatively about what you can offer to help your network contacts in return

Review your list sector by sector to remind yourself of people. Find them on networking sites



○ Preparing some introductory questions or ice-breakers

○ Introducing yourself briefly and memorably

○ Leaving a physical gap in your group that invites someone to join

○ Suggesting exchanging contact info


85%of all jobs are filled via networking


○ Forgetting to study the guest list

○ Not researching the people you would like to meet

○ Mismatching what you say with your body language

○ Barging into groups with no eye contact first


New Survey Reveals 85% of All Jobs are Filled Via Networking.

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