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JLBC: Attendees

JLBC: Attendees

Attendees moved to their respective JLBC table assignments.

The JLBC president calls for the Posting of the Colors.

The JLBC president then asks the chaplain or designated person to give the Invocation. This is optional and may be omitted or tailored as deemed appropriate.

JLBC Toasts are proposed.

The JLBC president announces, “PLEASE BE SEATED,” and all are seated. The JLBC president makes appropriate introductory remarks.

If guests are present, the JLBC president then introduces guests to their table. The guests should rise when announced and then be seated. If there are guests at more than the head table, the ranking officer at each table rises and introduces his guests. Guests should stand when announced and resume seats.

Once all guests have been introduced, Mr/Ms. Vice then rises and proposes a toast, “TO OUR GUEST.” All JLBC unit personnel increase and respond, “HEAR, HEAR.”

JLBC Punch Bowl Ceremony (optional) is introduced.

The JLBC president then announces, “PLEASE BE SEATED FOR DINNER.” All are seated. Dinner is served.

There should be some distinctive break between dinner and the remainder of the formal proceedings. This break serves to highlight the remaining proceedings. There are many ways of doing this. Customarily, the JLBC mess is adjourned to the cocktail lounge while the tables are cleared. Upon return to the confusion, cigars are offered with coffee, and the JLBC president rises to introduce the evening’s events.

The presentation, address, or rendition is made.

JLBC Final toasts are proposed.

The JLBC president makes concluding remarks.

The president then announces, “RETIRE THE COLORS,” and the colors are retired.

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