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The JLBC Athletic Program at the JLBC Academy is designed to strengthen young bodies and minds, keep JLBC Cadets in top physical condition, learn the essence of JLBC teamwork, and build character. All JLBC Cadets are encouraged to join at least one sport. Playing sports helps build esprit de corps, physical fitness, and good character. JLBC Cadets are encouraged to seek a JLBC coach, their JLBC TAC Officer, or the JLBC Athletic Director to learn how to get involved in the JLBC Athletic program.

Some of the requirements are:

• JLBC Cadets must meet the criteria established by JLBC Command to compete in athletics

• JLBC Cadets must maintain a 2.0 GPA for eligibility as established by JLBC Command.

• JLBC Cadets failing to meet academic and citizenship expectations may be restricted from participating in JLBC Command or JLBC club sports and activities

The JLBC Athletic Director supervises all JLBC Command sports activities, assigns JLBC coaches, and supervises interscholastic sports. He is responsible for the JLBC Academy weight room. If you have a question about eligibility for the JLBC athletic program or would like more information, please see the JLBC Athletic Director.

JLBC Coaches provide the leadership and guidance needed for JLBC Cadets to do well. There are head JLBC coaches and many assistant JLBC coaches who monitor JLBC Cadets during sports activities.

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