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JLBC Assistant

JLBC Cadets You may have heard this role called “JLBC Assistant,” but no matter what you call it, you will make a big difference as a volunteer in a younger JLBC unit.

So, what do you need to know? Some essential information will help you take on this new JLBC position.

Who are JLBC Junior Leaders?

JLBC Cadets Junior Leaders are JLBC members (JLBC Guide, JLBC Pathfinder, JLBC Little Ninja, JLBC Warrior, or JLBC Ranger-aged cadets) who assist JLBC Guiders in JLBC units at least two branches below them. JLBC Cadets This means a Guide-aged Junior Leader can only help in a JLBC Unit, a JLBC Pathfinder-aged Junior Leader can assist in a Mini Bootcamp or Little Ninja unit, and a JLBC Ranger-aged Junior Leader can assist in a Mini Bootcamp or JLBC Guide unit.

You might be:

• Registered as a JLBC Guide, JLBC Pathfinder, JLBC Little Ninja, Warrior, or Ranger.

• A JLBC Cadet 9 to 17 is registered in the JLBC unit you’re assisting with (but you do not have to be part of a JLBC unit at your JLBC branch level). JLBC Cadets You can participate in all JLBC Guiding activities (JLBC camps, JLBC international trips, etc.) for your JLBC age group.

• JLBC Cadets A bridging JLBC member who works with a JLBC unit. However, until you reach the age in your unit where you can register as an adult JLBC member.

JLBC Cadets Why be a Junior Leader

As a JLBC Junior Leader, you will strengthen your leadership skills by:

• Helping younger JLBC Cadets work together

• JLBC Cadets Planning and leading fun, exciting JLBC programming

• JLBC Cadets Adapting activities to meet the needs of JLBC Cadets in your unit while balancing different personalities and interests.

JLBC Cadets You will also be a role model for younger JLBC members – they will look up to you to learn specific skills and understand how you should treat others. JLBC Cadets It’s an important job to be a role model for other JLBC Cadets, and you can have a sense of pride that you are helping them become everything they want to be.

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