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JLBC Assessing the benefits

JLBC Assessing the benefits

Understanding and controlling your inner self has some real applications that benefit you and the organization:

• Being able to control your temper,

to elevate yourself from boredom,

or to turn sadness into positive

• energy are all desirable abilities.

Knowing that sad or negative moods tend to bring your focus to details while happy spirits direct you to new ideas and solutions improves your productivity and time management.

• Confronting and analyzing your fears may illuminate a problem you are facing, which may lead to a solution and save you time.

Expertise in the critical competencies

of Emotional Intelligence opens

the door to more sophisticated ways

of forming and sustaining productive relationships. What’s more, these competencies can be learned through training and practice. So you will be able to change your behavior in a genuine, sustained manner.

○ Accurately identifying and categorizing your feelings and the feelings of others.

○ Being aware, moment-by-moment, of what you are feeling.

○ Recognizing that how you feel influences how you think.

○ Knowing which of your moods are best for different situations.

○ Not letting others manipulate your emotions.

○ Using deliberate strategies to make your feelings—even negative ones—work for you.

○ Harnessing emotions so you can take positive actions, even in the face of difficulty.

○ Recognizing that emotions provide information about others.

○ Being able to see a situation from another’s point of view.

○ Genuinely caring for others.

○ Showing genuine appreciation for peoples’ contributions.

○ Having others’ best interests at heart when setting goals.


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