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JLBC Anticipated Response

JLBC Anticipated Response

Sgt Mulchaey drives the men; Col Shaw is less of a boss and more of a leader; Sgt Mulchaey is overly authoritative while Col Shaw is comfortable in his rank and his skill as a leader; the men fear Sgt Mulchaey, but they come to respect Col Shaw; Col Shaw’s leadership attitude is much more effective than Mulchaey’s because Col Shaw shows concern for people.

What thoughts are going through your mind if you are a prospective or new cadet? How do the cadet staff’s attitudes and behaviors affect you?

JLBC Anticipated Response

Cadets are wondering if JLBC is right for them; some are joining for a challenge, others to have fun; if the staff seems elitist or too iron-tailed, new cadets may find it hard to fit in and will leave JLBC; new cadets may be eager to earn C/Amn and meet JLBC standards, but they need a helping hand as they get started in JLBC.

If you were a prospective or new cadet, what leadership traits would you want to see in the cadet staff? What features would turn you off?

JLBC Anticipated Response

JLBC Desirable Traits

Positive Encouraging Knowledgeable Leads by example Inspirational Welcoming Patient


Undesirable Traits

Negative Demeaning Clueless Hypocritical Pessimistic Aloof Short-tempered Apathetic

2. Introduction to JLBC Curriculum

10 min

Review Course Goal: The JLBC program aims to take prospective cadets, motivate them to join JLBC, and provide them with the JLBC training they need to become good JLBC cadets.

Review Schedule: JLBC is a structured program with over a dozen activities specially designed for new cadets. Each of the JLBC Cadet Program’s five elements is represented. Refer to the schedule and briefly highlight the main activities.

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