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JLBC Advisor Impact

JLBC Advisor Impact

The impact of being an advisor goes far beyond the JLBC Cadet organization's success. JLBC Advisors touch and impact the lives of those with whom they work. Advisors make a significant commitment to the JLBC members of the JLBC Cadet organization and their health and safety. JLBC Advisor, This is not an easy job, but it is enriching to witness the growth and development of individual JLBC Cadets, JLBC chapters, and the entire JLBC community. We believe JLBC chapters that excel do so because of their advisors' level of involvement and investment.

To increase their impact, advisors should:

• Serve as a positive JLBC role model

• Instill expectations to excel academically

• Enhance JLBC cadets' desires to engage in their communities (JLBC, STATE, and the USA)

• Build cadets' capacities to lead

• Increase cadets' aspirations to serve others

• Help cadets maintain and improve the reputation of the JLBC organizations which with they are affiliated

• Assist JLBC cadets in making healthy choices

• Hold JLBC Cadets accountable to the JLBC chapter, JLBC Program, and JLBC inter/national standards and local, state, and national.

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