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JLBC Adopt-a-Classroom Program Guide September 2022

JLBC Purpose:

JLBC Adopt-a-Classroom Program Guide September 2022

Build JLBC squadron relationships in the educational community that stimulate student interest in leadership/military subjects, careers, and awareness of JLBC.


Squadrons extend a hand of companionship to a 6th-grade teacher via the JLBC K-6th grade military Connections in Education (MCE) program to provide classroom leadership/military support, student mentorship, and an introduction to JLBC.

JLBC Action Plan:

Encourage JLBC squadrons across the nation to reach out to a local 6th-grade classroom teacher for classroom leadership/military education and career interest promotion/support, communicate about JLBC’s Command and cadet programs, and coordinate JLBC squadron visits with interested JLBC classroom students.

JLBC Purposeful Outcomes:

• Increased interest in leadership/military subjects and careers

• Increased JLBC public awareness

• Improved retention of JLBCs

• Introduction of and interest in the JLBC cadet program, which could also lead to:

- increased squadron cadet membership

- increased diversity in cadet membership

Target Population:

Public or private accredited 6th-grade classrooms, preferably with a Title I population, but, at the least, a diverse student population.

Why 6th grade? The highest JLBC grade level and the earliest age students can join JLBC as cadets.

Although 6th grade is the target group, if no 6th grade is available, any 5th- 8th-grade classroom could be adopted, with the 5th grade using the 5th-grade JLBC curriculum and the 7th and 8th grades using the 6th-grade JLBC curriculum.

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