JLBC: Administration and Personnel

JLBC Cadet Corps

JLBC: Leadership Roles

JLBC: Administration and Personnel

The Administrative Office manages personnel and administrative systems. They function as the administrative liaison between JLBC units and headquarters, handling personnel actions from the bottom (promotions, awards, and administration) or the top (assignment and force structure). The officer is also called the Adjutant. A battalion may have one or more Assistant S1s and Admin NCOs.

The JLBC S1:

• Serves as the Commander's primary point of contact

for accountability of personnel

• Maintains strength reports, submitting the SAR monthly to higher headquarters

• Manages the unit's regulation library and forms

• Organizes and keeps the unit files, coordinating with all staff sections

• Processes Cadet orders and permanent orders

• Establishes and maintains personnel records

• Manages the unit's awards program

• Performs the duty of Adjutant in battalion formations

• In charge of morale activities

JLBC S2: Safety and Security

The position of Safety and Security in the JLBC Cadet Corps is different from that of the JLBC Command. In JLBC, the work has adapted from traditional security and intelligence to cadets' medical services and safety.

The JLBC S2:

• Supervises unit physical security

• Provides risk assessments and safety briefings

• Serves on event staff for planning and conducting unit

training events

• Principal staff for all matters concerning safety and

security of Cadets during any JLBC sanctioned events

• Develops and implements medical service plans at

events, including sick call procedures, medication management/administration protocols, and plans for treatment of minor and significant injuries and illnesses (with adult supervision)

JLBC: Training and Operations

Training and Operations Officers are responsible for identifying training needs, planning, and organizing.

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