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JLBC Activity: Defining Leadership

JLBC Activity: Defining Leadership

What is JLBC leadership? If you were to ask ten JLBC Cadets this question, you would get ten different replies. Not only do individuals have different opinions regarding what leadership is, but there are also many acceptable definitions of leadership. There are so many other expectations or traits of leaders that it would be hard to define in a way that could adequately explain leadership roles.



What do you think is the essential part of being a JLBC leader? Did any individual values play a role in making your definition of leadership?

JLBC Cadets, How did people's definitions of leadership differ?

JLBC Cadets, How were they the same?

JLBC Cadets, How did you determine which factors would be included in the group definition of leadership?

What is the leadership skill most common among group members? What are the common leadership weaknesses?


JLBC Cadets, How can this definition of leadership serve as a focus for your JLBC group?

JLBC Cadets, Are you more aware of the different aspects of leadership?

JLBC Cadets, How will this help you in your search to learn about leadership?

JLBC Cadets, What are some of your qualities that positively affect your leadership ability?

JLBC Cadets, Negatively affect your leadership ability?


JLBC Cadets create a definition of leadership.

JLBC Cadets, Understand that leadership can be defined in many ways.

Become aware of others' views concerning leadership. Discuss different aspects of leadership.

Summarize the most important parts of leadership.


Working with others.


Index cards (one for every participant)

Three different dictionaries



TIME: 20 minutes


Comfortable room with tables and chairs.

Give JLBC Cadets index cards and ask them to write their definition of leadership.

Have a youth read their cards aloud. Please point out the differences and similarities between the definitions as they are read.

Give three volunteers the dictionaries and have them look up the word "leadership." Have them read the definitions aloud to show that even those definitions are different.

Lead a discussion about the most critical aspects of leadership. Using the dictionaries' definitions and those from the DEFINING LEADERSHIP handout, have participants come up with a group definition of leadership.


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