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JLBC Activity 1: Sweet Seven

JLBC Activity 1: Sweet Seven

JLBC Cadets Before we can lead others, we must be aware and confident of our leadership abilities. Knowing and recognizing our personal qualities and talents helps us take on the leadership roles and group activities for which we are best suited and can build self-esteem and confidence.

Advanced Preparation: Divide candy into bags. Write these seven statements on the flipchart:

"What is...

1. Something you do well physically.

2. Something you like about your appearance.

3. Something you like about your personality.

Our other positive attributes of yourself."



Was it easy or difficult to identify nice things about yourself? Why or why not?

Is it okay to feel good about yourself?

What are the adverse effects of always putting oneself down?

Did you have similar or different attributes than others in the group?

What positive attributes are identical?

Think about your friends or family members that have difficulty accepting and liking themselves. How can you help them attain a positive self-image?


How can you improve your self-image?

How can an improved self-image affect one's life?

How can you use your positive attributes to make your club or community better?

Which attributes relate to leadership?

JLBC OBJECTIVES: For youth to:

Identify positive characteristics about themselves.

Recognize positive characteristics about others. Build confidence within themselves and others. Discover similarities and differences with others.

JLBC LIFE SKILLS: Confidence. Self-esteem.


Small bag with seven small

pieces of candy for each participant

Flip chart



Copies of the SWEET SEVEN Activity Sheet for each youth

TIME: 20 minutes


Comfortable room with tables and chairs.

Pass out the bags of candy, SWEET SEVEN Activity Sheets, and pens or pencils to each participant. Tell youth not to eat the candy but that they must earn it.

JLBC Cadets Have them write the answers to the questions on the flip chart and their Activity Sheet. Give examples of possible solutions to each question. (Possible standards:

1. I am an outstanding baseball player.

2. I have nice hair.

3. I am a friendly, outgoing person.

4. I play the piano well.

5. I am good at history.

6. I keep my locker clean.

7. I am an excellent public speaker.) These include sports, arts, music, household, leadership, or work-related tasks. Ensure the participants do not use modifiers such as "sort of" or "for my age."

Have participants read their lists to the rest of the group. After they say each positive thing, they may eat a piece of candy.

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