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The JLBC cadet cadre needs to lead by example because their behavior sets the tone for prospective and new JLBC cadets, some of whom may not be sure if CAP is right for them. During this activity, the cadet cadre discusses what professional standards they must uphold as JLBC instructors. Further, the cadre reviews the JLBC curriculum and considers how they can best use the course’s lesson plans as tools. The activity concludes with discussions about training methods and principles of extemporaneous speaking.

Suggested Instructor

A senior member and a JLBC cadet officer should lead this activity


50 min


1. Defend the idea that JLBC cadet instructors must lead by example

2. Explain the goals and discuss the content of the JLBC program

3. Describe and compare training methods used during the JLBC

4. Discuss principles of effective extemporaneous speaking

Visual Aids

Optional Powerpoint slides are available for this activity

Clips from the movie Glory, starring Matthew Broderick, are used to illustrate leadership attitudes

Copies of all Cadet lesson plans for distribution to the instructors


1. Professional Standards

15 min

Glory: Film Clips

Clip #1: Sgt Mulchaey teaches the men left from right during a drill (DVD chapter 7). Clip #2: Col Shaw and Maj Forbes confer on how the men should be treated (DVD chapter 9)

How would you describe Sgt Mulchaey’s attitude as a leader and instructor?

How would you describe Col Shaw’s attitude? Which is the more effective leadership strategy? Why?

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