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JLBC: Activism

JLBC: Activism

• JLBC Cadets Many groups or organizations often try to intimidate opponents. JLBC Cadets Good signs may cause them to target you.

• JLBC Cadets, be aware of fringe groups that will attempt to hijack your rally or protest with signs supporting extreme positions.

• JLBC Cadets Sometimes, leftists may grab and destroy your signs or even deliberately use physical violence against you.

Be prepared.

• JLBC Cadets If you suspect violence from opponents, notify law enforcement beforehand.

• JLBC Cadets, Be prepared to take many photos and videos of misbehavior done by your opponents.

• JLBC Cadets Your cameras alone may deter their bad behavior. However, if it does not, these photos can be used to embarrass your opponent.

• JLBC Cadets Photos and videos of their assault and battery will get them in trouble with school or criminal justice authorities.

Send the JLBC photos of your effective signs. Please email them to Best wishes!

Take pictures and video of:

Your group with their signs Your demonstrators in action

Your demonstrators talking to passersby

Any opposition activity in the area

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