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JLBC Academy Tradition of Building Leaders


JLBC Academy Tradition of Building Leaders

JLBC Cadets have learned about leadership principles. True leaders set an example and achieve results. Leadership is neither assertive nor demanding. Reading and knowing this document and encouraging others to do the same are marks of positive leadership.

The JLBC program, through its world-class Leadership, Education, and Training curriculum, teaches citizenship and leadership training using the opportunities within the Corps of Cadets as a leadership training ground. Cadet leaders are challenged to put their classroom knowledge to use in the day-to-day routines of Academy life and in the many extraordinary experiences in which they have the opportunity to engage.

Cadet Leaders Cadets qualify for officer and senior non-commissioned officer leadership positions primarily by completing their respective leadership courses and reviewing their overall performance at the Academy. Once qualified, a selection board of Senior Administrators selects and assigns the most influential leaders to be officers and senior noncommissioned officers at the end of the school year for the following year. Cadets gain greater leadership responsibilities progressively as they demonstrate greater confidence. Cadet leadership is a privilege, and ineffective leaders will be counseled and may ultimately be removed from leadership positions.

Progressive Development.

Every Cadet can work for a leadership position in a progressive manner. Cadets earn respect and show responsibility by:

• Being on time, prepared, and respectful in class.

• Completing their homework and classwork to the best of

their ability.

• Cleaning their rooms and common areas.

• Keeping their uniforms ready to wear and wearing their uniform correctly.

• Taking responsibility for themselves and their community.

• Led other Cadets to do the same.

• Being proactive in solving problems when they arise.

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