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JLBC Academy Physical Fitness Preparation Guide

JLBC Academy Physical Fitness Preparation Guide

Cardiovascular Training Program:

Aerobic Fitness:

JLBC Cadets during aerobic activities, the JLBC exercise intensity is enough for the cardiopulmonary system to achieve the oxygen demands of the working muscles.

JLBC Cadets' Aerobic activities include bicycling, hiking, swimming, climbing stairs, and running when performed at a low enough intensity.

Anaerobic Fitness:

JLBC Cadets, during anaerobic activities, the exercise intensity is so high that the moving muscles' demand for oxygen outreaches the cardiopulmonary system's ability to deliver it. JLBC Cadets Since suitable oxygen is unattainable, waste products such as lactic acid accumulate. This type of JLBC intense activity can only be short. JLBC Cadets An example of an anaerobic exercise is sprinting.

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