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This first example of the Punch Bowl or “Grog” Ceremony is taken from the 2/11 Infantry Dining in MOI (Memorandum of Instruction).

President of Mess (POM): “Mr. Vice, send forth the Master of the Punch and his assistants.” Mr. Vice: “Yes, Mr. President. Master of the Punch, expose yourself.”

Master of the Punch (MPO): (Master of the Punch moves to the head table). “Sir, I am exposed.”

POM: “Master of the Punch, are you well steeped in the 11th Infantry Regiment punch tradition?”

MOP: “Yes, Mr. President, no one could be more steeped in it than I.” POM: “then proceed with the preparation.”

MOP: “Yes, Mr. President. The 11th Infantry Regiment punch is a noble beverage. It is the preferred drink of an 11th infantryman, and it has a truly inspirational bouquet, a taste that is robust yet smooth, and the color is like that of the battle itself, a swirling vortex of hues.”

Assistants post to punch bowl table.

MOP: “We begin at the birth of the 11th Infantry Regiment”. Assistants state their part is ordered/MOP adds ingredients.

Assistant #1: The 11th Infantry Regiment was organized during the American Civil War. The foot soldiers of the regular army regiments that gathered to form the 11th Infantry brought with them those same qualities present in the American Infantrymen of the Revolutionary War, The War of 1812, and The Mexican-American War: courage, tenacity, and ingenuity.

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