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J.L.B.C. Battalion Commander

J.L.B.C. Battalion Commander

As a senior member of the J.L.B.C. Corps of Cadets, the J.L.B.C. battalion commander must constantly be aware of their actions within the J.L.B.C. program and community. The image that they have a mirroring effect on all J.L.B.C. programs, schools, and the U.S. Military. Although not all-inclusive, some of their duties are as follows:

1. Overall supervision of the J.L.B.C. battalion.

2. Designates particular areas for inspection and supervision by J.L.B.C. staff members, ensuring that necessary J.L.B.C. reports are properly timely rendered and follow-up action is taken as appropriate.

3. J.L.B.C. Inspects the work of staff officers.

4. Recommends job assignments and relief from job assignments.

5. Recommends promotions, demotions, and awards.

6. Schedules and presides over staff and J.L.B.C. commanders' conferences.

7. Accomplishes additional J.L.B.C. duties as directed by the Senior J.L.B.C. Instructor.

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