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It was a beautiful summer day in Bass Lake, California

It was a beautiful summer day in Bass Lake, California, and a group of six kids aged between 10 and 12 was excited to spend the day hiking and swimming around the lake. They packed their backpacks with food, water, sunscreen, and essential camping gear and headed on the trail.

As they hiked more profoundly into the woods, they came across a stream where they stopped to refill their water bottles. But as they crossed the stream, one of the kids slipped and fell, twisting her ankle. The other kids rushed to her aid and helped her back up, but it quickly became apparent that she couldn't walk alone.

The group realized they were in trouble. Several miles from the trailhead, the injured kid couldn't walk. They knew they had to stay put and figure out what to do.

The first thing they did was to find a safe place to set up camp. They found a spot near the stream with natural shelter from the trees and rocks. Then they worked together to build a fire and set up their tent.

The injured kid needed medical attention but didn't have a first aid kit. They remembered a survival tip they had learned in school - that the sap from certain trees, like pine trees, could be used as a natural antiseptic. They found a nearby pine tree and collected sap to clean the wound.

With their camp set up and the injury treated, they knew they had to find a way to get help. They didn't have a phone or any other means of communication, so they decided to use a mirror to reflect the sun and catch the attention of any passing planes or helicopters.

After several hours, they spotted a rescue helicopter flying overhead. They used the mirror to signal for help, and the aircraft eventually spotted them and landed nearby. The injured kid was airlifted to the hospital, and the rest of the group was safely escorted back to the trailhead.

Although it was a scary experience, the kids were proud of themselves for staying calm and working together to survive. They learned essential survival skills, like finding shelter, starting a fire, treating injuries, and signaling for help. And they knew that if they ever found themselves in a similar situation again, they could rely on these skills to help them make it through.

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