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Welcome to Junior Leadership Bootcamp the goal of JLBC: Junior Leadership Bootcamp is to develop future leaders that can excel despite adversity and make ethical decisions in any situation. Junior Leadership Bootcamp helps cadets move forward as honorable warriors bound to the safety and welfare of the United States of America. Junior Leadership Bootcamp is the vehicle for transforming from civilian to professional and promises to develop the characteristics and traits we seek in our leaders

What defines a leader?

This doesn't necessarily mean it is a significant excursion or an enormous undertaking. Yet, with any worthy project, business plan, event, or activity, an individual or set of individuals must take ownership and guide to ensure everyone is heading in the same direction. The project is brought to successful completion.

Leadership vs. Management

Leaders Worth Following

An individual can receive the title of manager based on an organization's structure, but not all managers are true leaders. In contrast, authentic leadership can be determined, observed, and measured by others' desire to follow. JLBC Cadets, we believe leaders should think and behave differently; strive to achieve the pinnacle of leadership; to become Leaders Worth Following.

Leaders boldly move forward, compelling their followers to advance in their leadership designation -- not an organization. An organization should not define a leader. A leader should define and lead an organization. Leaders should always be learning and pushing their comfort zones to achieve success in a rapidly changing world.

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