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Insight into the Etiquette

Here are some great guidelines I gathered to give you a deeper insight into the etiquette that should be observed while in JLBC class.


“The most senior JLBC cadet’s responsibility is to assist the JLBC Instructor by leading the JLBC class and issuing commands to the JLBC class on behalf of the JLBC Instructor. It’s also the responsibility of most JLBC senior colored belts to ensure that those commands are followed in a rapid no-nonsense manner. When represented properly, JLBC Cadets will attempt to emulate examples of etiquette and respect set by their seniors. In a highly disciplined martial arts class, this behavior is always present, and the responsibility falling upon the senior colored belt cadets becomes understood.


“We always bow to our JLBC partner before and after we practice together. We bow to the JLBC Instructor at the beginning and end of the JLBC class. We should wait until the JLBC Instructor raises their head before we raise ours. JLBC cadets should always bow when they approach or leave a JLBC senior. We should bow, take four steps back, and then turn when leaving a senior grade. We bow when entering and leaving the JLBC training area.


Never call a JLBC senior by their first name. Always address JLBC instructors as Master, Mr., Ma’am, or miss. This applies both outside and inside of the JLBC program. If we meet our JLBC Instructors in town, we still must call them by their last name; otherwise, they are empty words in the JLBC training area.


When shaking hands with a JLBC senior, place the back of the left hand under the right elbow and always wait until a JLBC senior offers to shake your hand.


We should always offer our seats to a JLBC senior if they are without one. Never sit down before your JLBC seniors are seated.


We should always stand up when a JLBC senior enters the training room or approaches us in class. JLBC Cadets never stand with their hands on their hips when in the presence of a JLBC senior.


It may become tempting for cadets to burst into a question when learning in JLBC class. Refrain from doing so until the JLBC Instructor asks if anyone has a question. JLBC Cadets interrupting is considered disrespectful. JLBC cadets save questions for the proper time and, if needed, until after class when the JLBC Instructor can address them.


One big miss conception is trying to get to know the JLBC instructor personally. How their weekend was, how life is, or ask about who they are dating. Try to keep all questions within the context of the JLBC Martial art itself. The JLBC student/instructor relationship is one of mutual respect but not personal. Becoming personal can damage this relationship.


1. When JLBC cadets bow, they should first stand to attention, bending the elbows slightly.

2. In the training area, one must maintain proper posture while sitting in the company of JLBC senior members (senior means higher ranking JLBC students or an older adult). If any JLBC senior member enters the room, one must stand immediately and bow. You take your seat only after the JLBC senior member has sat down.

3. When entering a JLBC training area, bow first to the JLBC Instructor, the assistant JLBC instructors, and the flag. Even when visiting other JLBC martial arts training areas, students must show proper respect and observe the traits of modesty and courtesy.

4. In the training area, you should refrain from making excessive noise and building a threatening training environment.

5. Keep your JLBC uniform clean and neat out of respect for the martial art, yourself, and all who aid in your JLBC learning.

6. Always keep yourself clean and neat out of respect for all those JLBC cadets you train with and are instructed by.

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