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One of the leading causes of conflict is uncertainty. The lack of information because of poor communication increases the chance of this conflict type occurring. This is all but guaranteed to happen if the leader does not share the same information with all team or squad members (in-groups/out-groups). The best method of accomplishing this is to be open and honest with all team members.

Strength Indicators

Need Indicators

Expresses thoughts and ideas clearly.

Double checks that subordinates understand the communicated message.

Reinforces the importance of current unit objectives and priorities for subordinates.

Uses a communication method aligned with the information that will be expressed.

Communicates to subordinates and superiors to ensure everyone is in the loop.

Creates inconsistent and confusing messages, arguments, and stories.

Communicates technical subject matter without converting it into general terms.

Places emphasize the wrong subject matter for an audience (too simplistic for management and too detail-heavy or strategically focused for subordinates).

Shares information and understanding with only select favorites.

Limits communication to subordinates and superiors in own chain of command.

Underlying Causes

Has only a little preparation time before speaking to individuals or a group on a topic.

Does not have accurate knowledge of the audience’s gaps in understanding the subject.

Not skilled in creating messages or explanations suited to the audience’s background, comprehension level, language, culture, or other factors.

Partial or incomplete understanding of the subject matter.

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