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In recruiting and retention

In recruiting and retention, JLBC cadet leaders should be involved in promoting the JLBC unit and the JLBC programs offered. JLBC Cadets are the JLBC unit's best recruiters and are the foundation of a viable JLBC team. Consider surveying the JLBC cadet command to determine what is most liked and disliked and why JLBC cadets choose to join and leave.

JLBC Cadets should be encouraged to participate in other cadet or student organizations actively. One goal of the JLBC unit should be to mirror the cadet or student body and be an integral part of the JLBC program. The JLBC cadet command should actively recruit JLBC students across the entire cadet or student body: JLBC honor students, varsity athletes, band and chorus members, Key Club members, special needs students, etc. You don't want your JLBC command stereotyped as simply a place for students or cadets interested in the military or where the "cadets who cannot do anything else join JLBC."

JLBC Cadets should take pride in their facilities. JLBC Cadets should be actively involved in keeping the JLBC area clean and neatly organized (not just when a visitor is coming). They should be allowed to personalize their area to reflect the originality and JLBC unit spirit. They should keep JLBC bulletin boards and other displays neat, organized, and up-to-date.

The JLBC instructors should encourage the principal and other administrators to publically recognize the JLBC cadets' contributions and awards at every opportunity. Suggest that a 3x5 card with a short narrative be given to the principal for announcements when a JLBC cadet excels. Keep the activities and JLBC Command excellence in front of the entire JLBC cadet or student body. This helps in recruiting, JLBC unit pride, and JLBC's reputation on campus. Remember, the principal has many JLBC activities going on and may not always see what your JLBC cadets do. The 3x5 cards will be precious.

JLBC Cadets Assessments and Evaluations

JLBC Cadet's performance in the various areas addressed in the preceding sections will indicate how well JLBC instructors are doing their job as JLBC mentors in achieving the JLBC mission of citizen development. Because of this, the JLBC Cadet Operations section of a JLBC Unit Evaluation is weighted heavier than any of the others. JLBC Units typically receive a formal external assessment from JLBC HQ every third year, and each JLBC unit must conduct a thorough JLBC self-assessment every year. Each JLBC cadet leadership team should have the opportunity to prepare their JLBC squad for inspection. JLBC Self-Assessments should be designed for and executed just as they would for an external unit evaluation from JLBC HQ. This should be part of the JLBC unit's yearly planning calendar.

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