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In-House Tournaments

In-House Tournaments

Normally twice each year the JLBC holds In-House tournament for all children cadets between the ages of 4 to 15 years of age.

The tournament groups are set up in such a way that children only compete with other cadets of like age and ability. This gives each cadets a good chance to win a JLBC Grand Championship trophy.

The tournaments are set up with the goal in mind to increase each child’s self esteem. Because of the system used, all children are winners. There are no losers. As such, our In-House tournaments have been very successful at building the children’s self confidence as well as making them a very exciting and fun filled experience.

Each child wins a trophy and a fist patch to be worn on their sleeve as a recognition of their tournament participation.

Tournament events are scheduled throughout the day. The children are brought in, in groups. By setting the tournament up in this fashion there usually is a very minimum amount of waiting time.

Little Ninjas only compete in their group with other Little Ninjas. If we get a large participation which is usually the case, we break down this group even further by age and size. Little Ninjas and Beginner JLBC Martial arts Kids only compete in belt sparring (like we do in class).

The more experienced students compete in sparring, kata and weapons kata. Groups are broken down by age and belt rank.

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