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In evaluating your character, they will look at your:

JLBC: Leadership

In evaluating your character, they will look at your:

• Self-confidence and poise

• School or work attendance record

• Community or extracurricular activities

• Leadership potential


Employers also want to be sure you want to work for them, will show up for work, and won’t leave them in a few months—after they’ve invested time and effort in training you for the job. When employers look for commitment, they are looking for:

• Enthusiasm for the job and the company

• Goals and self-motivation

• Willingness to do what your employer asks


Finally, potential employers need to be sure you can successfully do the work and do it well. In evaluating your competence, they’ll look at your:

• Job-related skills and ability to perform the job

• Grades on courses and tests

• Educational qualifications for the job


It’s never too soon to begin preparing for your future. Use a portfolio to organize your school accomplishments and career planning and help you succeed. Putting a résumé together may seem premature, but employers and colleges want to see one. Interviewing may seem years away, but don’t be surprised. You may need to interview for a scholarship, for acceptance into the military, or for that summer job. With a bit of work and some advice from family and friends, you can polish your entire package!

Lesson Check-up

• Explain the purpose of a personal portfolio.

• List some additional pointers that will make your printed résumé effective.

• How does your presentation during an interview support the three primary areas an employer evaluates?

• List some questions you should ask during an interview.

Portfolios and Interviews

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