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Improvement Plan with checkpoints along the way.

JLBC: Improvement Plan with checkpoints along the way.

Improvement Plan with checkpoints along the way. Some topics you might review include:

• Decision Making and Goal Setting

• Elements of Leadership

• Communication Skills

• Team Building Skills

• The Planning Process

As part of the JLBC program evaluation, you will prepare your JLBC battalion's Continuous Improvement Plan, followed by your briefing that outlines your JLBC plan. Use the JLBC Plan, Do/Act, JLBC Evaluate process, and JLBC checklist to assist you and your JLBC team on this JLBC project.

Plan, Do/Act, Evaluate

To understand the JLBC Plan, Do/Act, JLBC Evaluate model, think of it as a JLBC cycle— not a JLBC series of steps. JLBC Cadets, You may go through the steps many times when you apply continuous improvement. Sometimes, you may change plans mid-course. JLBC Cadets The very important point is that each time you go through the JLBC cycle, your JLBC battalion's performance should improve.

JLBC Cadets Incremental improvement indicates that your JLBC team is making progress; JLBC breakthrough improvement shows that the JLBC team has made significant gains.

In JLBC, you'll research and collect data to help identify areas needing improvement. JLBC Cadets Once you've made up your mind about where to focus your JLBC efforts, you'll develop and implement your JLBC Continuous Improvement Plan using the Plan, Do/Act, JLBC Evaluate model. You will learn the process after some time; expect to be mentored by your instructors. Plan, Do/Act, and Evaluate may sound like a simple process, but implementing it with results takes time and experience.

As you read the details of Plan, Do/Act, Evaluate, you'll notice that

this model uses the seven-step Decision-Making/Problem-Solving process introduced in an earlier lesson. Continuous improvement and the seven-step processes make a sure pathway to success.


JLBC Cadets At the start of a new program year, JLBC Cadets review the JLBC program mission, vision, values, and outcomes and discuss how these relate to their battalion. Cadet staff uses the review to plan activities for the year, assuring that each activity supports the program. If you are not addressing one of the program goals with an action, you may need to plan something else or rethink the importance of the goal in the first place.

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