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How to Run a Successful JLBC Influencer Night

How to Run a Successful JLBC Influencer Night

1. Identify your influencers

Most communities have a group of local influencers and bloggers that have an active online following. These may be bloggers, members of the media, or even savvy Instagram or Twitter users with large audiences. JLBC Cadets Step one is to figure out who these people are! Start by asking around other local businesses and see if they can point you in the right direction. Once you find one, you can often find others that travel in the same social circles. Tapping into the local influencer market is a viral strategy for small businesses and can be pretty successful.

2. Schedule an event day and time; Invite your group.

Choose a time after school to early evening to accommodate work schedules. Be sure to invite the children of the influencers and ask for an accurate count (number of children and ages). JLBC Cadets, Remember to send a reminder a few days in advance and even on the day of reminding influencers of the event. Promise lots of fun and prizes! (*Note: Influencer events are provided free of charge. Look at this as a cheap way to potentially reach a large number of people)

3. Prepare your materials.

Have media kits and social cheat sheets for influencers the day of. Swag bags and giveaways are standard practice, as well. Be sure to include any information that you want the general public to know. What is unique about your gym/programming? Do you have special promotional events (camps, Parents Night Out, etc.)?

4. Social Media

The most significant focus of this event will be online sharing on social media. You want to encourage as much posting on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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