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How many steps per minute are required for double time?

How many steps per minute are required for double time?

180 steps per minute

How many steps per minute are required for quick time?

120 steps per minute

What is the average arm swing distance when marching at a quick time?

Nine inches to the front and six to the rear

What is the term " cadence " when giving voice commands in the drill? What is the word "cadence"?

Cadence is the uniform and rhythmic flow of words.

In marching, most commands have two parts. What are they?

Preparatory Command and the Command of Execution

Name the four behavior clusters.

Builder, planner, adventurer, and relater behaviors.

JLBC Cadets What are the "ABCDs" of evaluating an injury?

"A" is for opening the airway; "B" is for assessing breathing; "C" is for determining circulation; "D" is for determining the disability.

What is first aid?

Immediate care is given to an injured or ill person to keep them alive or stop further damage until qualified medical treatment can be administered.

What are two common types of fractures?

Simple and Compound

What is the universal sign of choking?

Both hands are clutching their throats.

What does CPR stand for?

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation

What are the four basic lifesaving steps in first aid?

Restore breathing, stop bleeding, treat for shock, dress the wound

What are the three ways to stop bleeding?

Pressure bandage, pressure points, and tourniquet

JLBC Cadets Name three actions you can take if someone you know has a drug problem.

JLBC CADETS Convince the person to seek help; tell a responsible adult you are concerned about the person; Report drug dealers to the appropriate authority.

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