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How Do You Throw A Frisbee



Name of Activity: How Do You Throw A Frisbee

Time Needed: 20 minutes Number of Players: 5 - 25

Materials Needed: Frisbee, newsprint pad and easel or dry erase board, markers, paper, and writing utensils for participants.

Preparation Needed (Ahead of Time): Instructions:

Purpose: Groups of 5-25 use a provided frisbee to verbalize and demonstrate skills when throwing it to fellow group members.

1. JLBC Members work individually for 5 minutes, writing down skills they think they use to throw a frisbee. They then form a circle with fellow JLBC group members and throw the frisbee. Then they verbally list skills noted and discovered through the throwing action.

2. A facilitator prompts the JLBC group members to be creative in identifying skills used. The facilitator writes the identified skills on newsprint or aboard as listed.


Discuss the broad array of skills needed in even the simplest group activities. This might be related to the need for many different people in JLBC groups.

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