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High-Performing Teams


High-Performing Teams

Trust is the glue that holds JLBC organizations together, lubricates friction, and permits empowerment.

Lieutenant General (LTG) (R) Walter F. Ulmer Jr "Fifty Years of Thoughts on Leadership" Calvary and Armor Journal, January-March 2019

Building high-performing teams take hard work, patience, and the leader's interpersonal skills. Most leaders do not benefit from selecting their team members; they get what they are given and have to determine how to make it work. So how does one build a team that performs at a high standard and can incorporate new members regularly?

Teams that perform at a high-level share specific characteristics. These characteristics are listed below and expounded upon in :

●Team members trust each other and can predict what each member will do.

● Members work together to accomplish the mission.

● The team executes its tasks thoroughly and quickly.

● The group meets and exceeds standards.

● The unit adapts to demanding challenges.

●The team learns from their experiences and develops pride in their accomplishments.


states that teams experience three developmental stages:

● Formation,

● Enrichment, and

● Sustainment.

We will discuss each stage and how leaders can guide their team through each step.

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