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High Morale

When High Morale is working at its best, the leader boosts the Team's morale, and the Team boosts the leader's confidence.

The Dividends

Investing in the Team Compounds over time.

The money, time, and effort required to develop team members don't change the Team overnight, but creating them always pays off.

How To Invest In Your Team

1. Make Decisions to Build a Team. This Starts with the Investment in the Team. Deciding that individuals on the Team are worth developing is the first step in building a better team.

2. Gather the Best team members Possible. This Elevates the Potential of the JLBC Team.

3. Pay the Price to Develop the JLBC Team. This Ensures the Growth of the Team. You will have to dedicate the time that could be used for personal productivity. You will have to set aside your agenda.

4. Do Things Together as a JLBC Team This provides a community for the JLBC Team. The only way to develop cohesiveness and community among JLBC teammates is to get them together, not just in a professional setting but also in a personal one.

5. Empower JLBC Team Members With Responsibility and Authority. This Raises Leaders for a JLBC Team. The most significant growth for an individual often occurs due to the trial and error of individual experience. Any JLBC team that wants people to step up to a higher level of performance—and to higher levels of leadership— must give team members authority and responsibility.

6. Give Credit for Success to the JLBC Team. This lifts the Morale of the JLBC Team. Talk up your JLBC team members' accomplishments. If you are the JLBC leader, take the blame, never the credit. Do that, and your JLBC Team will fight for you.

7. Watch to see that your Investment in the JLBC Team is Paying off. This brings accountability to the Team. If you put money in an investment, you expect a return. The primary outcome you want to see is their progress.

8. Stop your Investment in members who do not Grow. This eliminates more significant losses for the JLBC Team.

9. Create New opportunities for the JLBC Team. This allows the Team to stretch.

10. Give the Team the best possible chance to succeed. This guarantees the Team a high return. Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is a success. Your job as a JLBC leader is to get the obstacles out of the way for the Team's success.

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