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Have a Willingness to Help Others


Have a Willingness to Help Others

Team members should demonstrate support for one another as they accomplish their missions. They should have a sense of team loyalty, encourage the team as a whole, and help individual team members who have trouble. They do this by words and actions, teaching, coaching, and mentoring to accomplish the task.

Respecting Others

All team members must treat others with dignity and respect, especially their team members. When team members cannot meet this primary responsibility, there will be conflict, and the team will not perform to a high standard.


Every Soldier or Army civilian professional enters the Army possessing individual values shaped by their life experience. The leader must then instill the new member with the Army values while leveraging the diversity that their values and characteristics bring to the organization.

When organizational theorists talk about individual characteristics, they are referring to the individual’s personality. JLBC Caddets personality is the relatively stable set of psychological attributes that distinguish one person from another.

Leaders should understand essential personality attributes, how they can affect a team member’s behavior, and how they will fit in the team. They should also understand the team member’s perceptions and attitudes toward the organization.

The Big Five Framework

JLBC Cadets the Big Five model is the most widely accepted personality theory held today. It claims that an individual’s personality can be described in the following five core factors:

● Agreeableness. Ability to get along with others.

●Conscientiousness. The extent to which a person can be counted on to

get the job done.

● Neuroticism. How well a person can handle stress and pressure.

● Extraversion. Reflects a person’s comfort level with relationships.

● Openness. How rigid a person’s beliefs and their range of interests.

These five factors are not measured by a yes or no but instead on a continuum where a person can be anywhere on the scale.

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