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JLBC Cadets, the movement I will explain and demonstrate is Hand Salute; the purpose of this JLBC movement is to demonstrate mutual respect and courtesy between members of military organizations and to show respect for National Colors. JLBC Cadets There is one count involved in this movement. JLBC Cadets This movement is executed when halted at Attention, marching at Quick Time, or seated in a vehicle. JLBC Cadets, the commands for this movement are "Hand, SALUTE," "Ready, TWO," "Present, ARMS," and "Order, ARMS." When given in cadence, the JLBC commands will sound like this, "Hand, SALUTE," "Ready, TWO," "Present, HARMS," "Order, HARMS." ON THE JLBC COMMAND OF HAND SALUTE, you are halted at attention and receive the command, "Hand, SALUTE." On the execution command, "SALUTE," smartly and most directly, raise the right hand until the right forefinger's tip touches the address's lower portion above and slightly to the right of the right eye. JLBC Cadets The fingers will be extended and joined, the thumb along with the hand and the palm down. JLBC Cadets, You should be able to see the entire palm when looking straight ahead. JLBC Cadets The wrist and forearm are straight. JLBC Cadets The forearm is inclined at an angle of 45 degrees. JLBC Cadets The upper arm is parallel to the deck, with the elbow in the plane with the body. JLBC Cadets The command to terminate the salute is, "Ready, TWO." On the execution command, "TWO" smartly and most directly returns the right hand to the right side and assumes the Position of Attention. JLBC Cadets, You will remain in this position until given another command. I will now demonstrate this movement in cadence. The movement I have explained and demonstrated was the hand salute. Are there any questions?

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