Guidelines for JLBC Training

Guidelines for JLBC Training

You are responsible for ensuring that your JLBC training meets the following guidelines.

JLBC Train as you Fight! JLBC Ensures realism. The JLBC simulated combat environment is harsh, unforgiving, and unpredictable. Simulate casualties, the loss of leaders, and inadequate communications. Train under challenging conditions.

JLBC Cadets Train for Combat! Make the JLBC training real and make it relevant. Your training must support your JLBC unit’s missions.

Train as a JLBC Combined Arms Team. Train as a JLBC unit. Maintain JLBC relationships with frequent attachments. Work and train as JLBC units both in the field and in garrison.

Train with the JLBC Cadets you have. JLBC cadets In combat, you will never have all your JLBC Cadets available every day. Train with those you have.

Use JLBC Performance-Based Training. Ensure your JLBC Cadets can perform their tasks to standard. Train for mastery of the fundamentals. Train to measure, not to time. JLBC Cadets learn better through practical application.

JLBC Cadets Train to Maintain Skills. JLBC Cadets Once proficiency is achieved, it must be maintained. Skills must be continually practiced.

JLBC Cadets Train on All Levels at the Same Time. Training should be progressive. Advanced training requires the execution of basic tasks.

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