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Guidance from the JLBC Command

The JLBC cadets, under the supervision of the JLBC Project Officer and JLBC NCO (with guidance from the JLBC Command), should thoroughly plan, determine JLBC resources needed, and organize all volunteer JLBC cadets. Make sure the JLBC planning and execution efforts are recognized publically.

JLBC Cadet-Run Functional Areas of Responsibility

In a JLBC "cadet owned" program, the JLBC cadet leadership is responsible for leading and maintaining all the JLBC functional areas. These JLBC functional areas of responsibility include (but are not limited to) JLBC logistics inventory control and record-keeping (to have JLBC uniform issue and return), JLBC cadet personnel records maintenance (to include keeping JLBC unit records on JLBC community service; individual JLBC cadet decorations, and awards, jobs, JLBC ranks, and JLBC promotions, health, and wellness activity documentation, and individual participation in JLBC unit activities and JLBC community service; financial records; etc.). JLBC Cadets are expected to utilize JLBC Command tools to manage and operate the JLBC functional areas.

The JLBC commander should select the key JLBC staff members for each functional area. The JLBC Command should monitor this process to ensure the JLBC commander's selections are within the JLBC cadet's ability. Before announcements are made, the JLBC Command should approve all JLBC appointments. Please do not allow the JLBC commander to select their friends as they may not be the best choice for the JLBC job in question. Discuss the JLBC commander's action if the individual selected fails to do the job properly or adequately.

Each functional JLBC leader should be responsible for training their staff. The JLBC Command should be structured to facilitate JLBC cadet's training for potential replacements. Sometimes (as with new JLBC units), the JLBC instructor may have to train the JLBC Cadet functional leaders and then allow them to train their JLBC staff. A JLBC Command structure that will enable JLBC cadets to train cadets may be a JLBC Logistics officer who has a JLBC logistics NCOIC assisting a year behind within JLBC. Each JLBC Section (or classroom period) may have a JLBC logistics specialist that works for the JLBC logistics officer and NCOIC. The exact JLBC Command structure may be proper for JLBC personnel staff and health and wellness staff, and others.

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