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Forming of the JLBC Battalion


JLBC Battalion

Subject: JLBC Battalion Corps of Cadets Publications

1. Effective leaders have a strong sense of work ethic, moral values, and principles. They lead others toward mission accomplishment with discipline and loyalty toward the JLBC way of life. Reading, understanding, and complying with the contents of this JLBC Battalion Corps of Cadets Publications begins your journey to learning how to be an effective leader. It forms the foundation of your leadership skills, knowledge, and philosophy applicable to being a leader in any field, not just in the military.

2. JLBC publications contain the most basic and general information you need to know. It describes the standards every Cadet in the Battalion must comply with. You will find it as a source of information you need in understanding what is required of you. The website or handbooks serves as a useful pocket reference for subjects the Corps should know as JLBC Cadets. The guide includes a condensed, readily available study aid to supplement detailed information in field manuals, training circulars, JLBC and Cadet Regulations, and other sources.

3. Our JLBC Battalion is composed of JLBC cadets enrolled in our program to learn and internalize the attributes, character, and intellect of an effective leader able to confront the challenges of our global world. The transformation from elementary JLBC to Cadet to JLBC Officer or Servant Leader begins with reading JLBC publications.

4. JLBC cadets, as you become a member of our Battalion. Welcome! You will discover why the JLBC program is America’s preeminent leadership course. Specific to our Battalion program, you will find the significance of living by our JLBC Battalion motto: CAN DO! NEVER QUIT!

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