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Focus on your breath and achieve softness. Can you be like a newborn?

JLBC Cadets “Focus on your breath and achieve softness. Can you be like a newborn?”


JLBC Cadets Level One (First Six Months to Second Year)

JLBC Cadets A brief overview of Taiji Quan (Supreme Ultimate Fist). JLBC Cadets Why is this the supreme ultimate? JLBC Cadets Why do we play a slow form in a martial art? JLBC Cadets What did the old masters teach, and what did they know? How did they achieve proficiency? How can tai chi be used as a martial art and a health benefit? The old times versus the present. Authentic training versus commercial tai chi. They explore the body as one energy, understand the opposites, and study water.

“The trick to the Taiji boxing art lies in entirely not using strength, and also that this is extremely difficult to do.”

-Guan Jiongzhi

JLBC Cadets Some of What Is Covered from the Beginning:

Intro to the Taoist principle of Wu Wei

Standing Meditation (Zhan Gong and Song Gong)

Other Central Taoist and Tai Chi Concepts: Taiji, Yin/Yang, Jing (Body Essence), Qi (Subtle Energy), Shen (Mind/Spirit); Jin/Jing (Internal Power), Using Yi (intention) and not Li (physical strength or exertion).

Introduction to Qigong and Qi awareness

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