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Firearms or any other device or instrument intended or designed for use as a weapon will not be permitted on JLBC grounds, off-campus training sites, during any JLBC functions, or when wearing the JLBC uniform. For this section, a legal folding knife is not considered a weapon.

Those who are legally licensed to carry a concealed weapon or any other defensive device or instrument are at this moment advised that California law prohibits the presence or use of such armaments upon program grounds or during JLBC sponsored activities, except for law enforcement officers, police academies, and law enforcement training operations. JLBC - Junior Leadership Bootcamp reserves the right to secure the facility with security or law enforcement.

Please remember that only active duty or specially designated retired law enforcement officers may legally possess a weapon on program property under current California law.

Cadets are also advised that concealed weapons and other defensive device permits do not supersede the JLBC authority related to this policy.

Cadets in violation of the firearms policy are subject to immediate disciplinary action, including dismissal, and may be subject to arrest.

Local debate continues on concealed weapons | Springfield, OH.

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