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Finding and using resources

Finding and using resources

There are many people and places where you can get resources to help you in your role as a Junior Leader.

• Leaders from the JLBC Unit

• Other Leaders from the JLBC Program

• Region Leaders

• Peer Unit Leader

• Other Youth Leaders

• Other Junior Leaders and Guides aged 08-18


• The JLBC Cadet Handbooks

• JLBC Books on bookshelves at the hut or ask your JLBC Leader

• Internet sites – other JLBC Cadet sites

More information about events

How can you get more information about events for 08-18-year-olds and youth members?

• •

Ask your JLBC Leaders

Visit your JLBC websites.

Receive the JLBC Youth Magazine (if your state produces one)

Who do I talk to?

If you have a problem or have any questions about being a Junior Leader, try talking to your

• JLBC Peer Unit Leader

• JLBC Junior Leader Mentor / Liaison

• JLBC Program Leader

• JLBC Region Leader

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