Any Cadets receiving an F or having a GPA of less than 1.75 for their semester grade will be placed on academic probation. Cadets on academic probation for more than one semester may be requested to leave school. Cadets are removed from academic probation if they meet the conditions of the probation contract. We desire to work hand in hand with parents and cadets in maintaining the academic standards aimed at JLBC.

Any cadets failing three or more classes in a semester or failing four or more courses in a program year may be required to leave the program.

Any 8th-grade student with a semester fail may not be eligible to participate in 8th-grade graduation.

Cadets failing the required course(s) at the end of a semester and allowed to continue as a cadet at JLBC for the following semester must make up the failed course(s) in summer school.

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