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Exploring the Role and Training Opportunities for JLBC Cadet Corps Police Cadets

Title: Exploring the Role and Training Opportunities for JLBC Cadet Corps Police Cadets


The Junior Leadership Bootcamp Law Enforcement Cadet Corps (JLBC), to shape the future generation of law enforcement officers, instills in its members a sense of discipline, integrity, and commitment to community service. The Corps gives young, motivated individuals an in-depth insight into the workings of the law enforcement industry. One crucial aspect of this program is that police cadets may be permitted to attend roll calls, roll call training, Department sponsored training, and other training opportunities at the discretion of the Cadet Program Manager. Let's delve deeper into what this implies.

Understanding the Role of the Cadet Program Manager

The Cadet Program Manager is vital to the Cadet Corps' operation. This role involves coordinating training programs, managing cadets' progress, and determining suitable opportunities to develop further their skills and understanding of the law enforcement environment. The manager can decide whether a cadet is ready and competent enough to attend roll calls and training sessions, considering the cadet's performance, interest, and overall readiness.

The Importance of Roll Calls and Roll Call Training

Roll calls are an integral part of police work. They involve briefing officers at the start of their shift, discussing ongoing cases, and addressing any issues or concerns. By attending roll calls, cadets gain a first-hand perspective on how a police department operates daily.

Roll call training is the educational counterpart to these briefings. It involves comprehensive learning about new policies, rules, or changes in existing guidelines. By participating in these sessions, cadets have the opportunity to understand the changing landscape of law enforcement, including learning about new procedures, legislation changes, or enforcement tactics. It exposes them to real-world scenarios and challenges, equipping them with the skills and knowledge to excel in their future careers.

Department-Sponsored and Other Training Opportunities

Aside from roll calls and roll call training, the JLBC Cadet Corps Police Cadets may be allowed to participate in Department sponsored training. These programs can include specialized courses like investigative techniques, crime scene management, community policing strategies, etc.

The Cadet Program Manager also has the discretion to permit cadets to participate in other training opportunities. These could range from workshops and seminars to on-the-job experiences like ride-along with active duty officers, all designed to provide a practical, hands-on experience of law enforcement officers' daily responsibilities and challenges.


The JLBC Cadet Corps Police Cadets program is more than just an introduction to law enforcement. It's an immersive, holistic educational experience that seeks to equip its cadets with the knowledge and understanding necessary to serve as effective law enforcement officers. Attending roll calls, roll call training, and various other departmental training exercises, subject to the Cadet Program Manager's discretion, offers invaluable exposure to real-world law enforcement dynamics. By fostering an environment of continual learning and practical application, the JLBC Cadet Corps is shaping the future of law enforcement, one cadet at a time.

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