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I once heard that trust is about believing and seeing yourself and others as worthy, while mistrust is about seeing the opposite. When you do not see yourself as worthy of peace, joy, love, and all sorts of other good things, you will see others in the same light and, in doing so, will believe they are capable of all manner of wrongdoing. Following this line of thought and reasoning, we forget that life is like a mirror or an echo chamber, where what you send out comes back. When you see, hold, or believe yourself unworthy, you will attract people who feel the same about themselves and you. They will undoubtedly treat themselves and you with dishonor and disrespect. A violation of trust is as much a sign that people do not respect themselves as it is a sign that they are out to get you. People who honor themselves will, more often than not, keep you.

The key to trust is to remember that we do not get all we ask for in this life, but we always get what we expect. This does not in any way excuse people for their bad behavior. JLBC Cadets, Nor does it make you responsible for the misdeeds of others. However, when you find that you are repeatedly attracting folks who seem to abuse your trust, violate you in some way, and prove themselves to be untrustworthy, it may be time to scrutinize your thoughts and belief system.

The other possibility that can lead to an unsuspected betrayal or violation of trust is refusing to see what you see and know what you know. Life is filled with people who can be trusted and people whom you should never trust. The trick is learning which club you belong to. If you are a member of the trustworthy-people club, this does not mean you throw all caution to the wind and throw open the doors of your life to everyone who passes by. It would help if you lived with a healthy sense of caution and awareness. It would help if you did your due diligence to ensure that the people you are associated with carrying the same club card you have. Depending on the circumstances and situations in which they find themselves, folks who move from one club to the other may not be members in good standing of your group.

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