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Enhancing Leadership Development through Adventure Training Activities

Title: Enhancing Leadership Development through Adventure Training Activities


This proposal aims to present a comprehensive plan for enhancing the leadership development of Junior Leaders Battalion Cadet (JLBC) Corps members through adventure training activities. These activities will promote teamwork, problem-solving, and communication skills, contributing to our cadets' overall growth and success.


The purpose of this proposal is to request approval and funding for integrating adventure training activities into the existing JLBC Cadet Corps training program. These activities will provide cadets with hands-on leadership experience and foster essential skills for their future careers in the military and beyond.

Proposed Adventure Training Activities

The proposed adventure training activities include:

  1. High Ropes Course: Cadets will navigate a series of elevated obstacles, requiring teamwork, communication, and trust to complete the course successfully.

  2. Orienteering: Cadets will use map reading and navigation skills to navigate unfamiliar terrain, developing their situational awareness and decision-making abilities.

  3. Wilderness Survival: Cadets will learn to build shelters, start fires, and signal for help outdoors, fostering self-reliance and adaptability.

  4. Team Building Exercises: Through various team building activities, cadets will learn to collaborate effectively, resolve conflicts, and support their peers in achieving common goals.

  5. Rafting Expedition: Cadets will plan and execute a multi-day rafting expedition, honing their leadership, risk assessment, and crisis management skills.

Implementation Timeline

The adventure training activities will be incorporated into the JLBC Cadet Corps' training program over 12 months:

  • Months 1-3: Research and selection of adventure training providers and locations

  • Months 4-6: Development of training schedules and program integration

  • Months 7-12: Implementation and evaluation of adventure training activities


The estimated budget for the adventure training program is $40,000, which includes the following:

  • Adventure training provider fees: $25,000

  • Transportation and accommodations: $10,000

  • Equipment and supplies: $5,000

Expected Outcomes

By incorporating adventure training activities into the JLBC Cadet Corps' training program, we expect the following outcomes:

  1. Improved leadership skills: Cadets will gain practical leadership experience through challenging activities, fostering their ability to lead others effectively in high-pressure situations.

  2. Enhanced teamwork and communication: Cadets will develop stronger relationships with their peers and learn to communicate effectively under pressure, promoting a more cohesive unit.

  3. Increased self-confidence and resilience: The challenging nature of adventure training activities will help cadets develop mental and emotional strength, preparing them to face adversity confidently.

  4. Retention and recruitment: Adding adventure training activities will create a more engaging and dynamic training program, attracting new cadets and retaining current members.

Conclusion and Call to Action

To ensure the continued success and development of the JLBC Cadet Corps, we request approval to integrate adventure training activities into our training program and the necessary funding to support these activities. By investing in the leadership development of our cadets, we will foster a new generation of confident, capable, and resilient leaders who are prepared to face the challenges of the future.

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