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Enduring Understandings:

JLBC: Locations

Enduring Understandings:

People who live in different locations may have different values, goals, and lifestyles. Essential Questions:

What role did geography play in Maryland’s involvement in the Civil War?

What impact did military leadership have on Maryland during the war?

MD State Standards:

Social Studies Grade 4 History:

5.0.C - ​Conflict between ideas and institutions

3.​ Analyze regional differences in the Civil War and its effects on people in Maryland

2. Explain why loyalties to the North and the South were divided between Maryland


Copies of the MD map

Cards with names of battles


1. Provide cadets with a map of Maryland.

2. Give them the cards with the names of 7 Maryland battles.

3. Ask them to match the battle with the location on the map.

4. Go over answers and discuss why they took place in the western part of MD.

Assessment for Learning: Accurately labeled MD map

Benson Hammond House Lesson 2: Battles of MD

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