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Empowering JLBC Cadet Corps Platoon Sergeants: The Key to Success

Title: Empowering JLBC Cadet Corps Platoon Sergeants: The Key to Success


The success of a platoon sergeant (PSG) in the Junior Leader Basic Course (JLBC) Cadet Corps is highly dependent on a clear understanding of their role, the expectations placed upon them by their chain of command, and effective communication with their platoon leader (PL). In this article, we will discuss how PSGs can excel in their position by fostering strong relationships with their PL and ensuring a common understanding of expectations for their platoon.

  1. Establishing a Strong Relationship with Your Platoon Leader

As a PSG, building a solid rapport with your PL is essential. Working closely together can create a cohesive and effective team that will benefit your entire platoon. To establish this relationship, consider the following:

  • Regularly meet with your PL to discuss expectations, concerns, and strategies for the platoon.

  • Actively communicate openly and honestly, ensuring you and your PL are on the same page.

  • Support your PL's decisions and help guide them in making informed choices for the platoon.

  1. Understanding Expectations from Higher Leadership

To successfully lead your platoon, you must clearly understand the expectations placed upon you by your PL, commander, first sergeant (1SG), and command sergeant major (CSM). If these expectations are not aligned, it is crucial to coordinate with your PL to determine what is indeed expected of your platoon. To achieve this, follow these steps:

  • Schedule regular meetings with your PL to discuss expectations from higher leadership.

  • Take detailed notes and record these expectations to ensure clarity and consistency.

  • Please communicate with your platoon members to ensure they understand and meet these expectations.

  1. Aligning Standards, Training, and Mission Execution

Once you have established a solid relationship with your PL and clearly understand higher leadership's expectations, it is crucial to align your platoon's standards, training, and mission execution. To do this:

  • Develop a comprehensive training plan that addresses your platoon's specific needs and aligns with higher leadership's expectations.

  • Regularly assess your platoon's performance and adjust training and standards as needed.

  • Collaborate with your PL to create a mission execution strategy that meets higher leadership expectations and supports your platoon's overall success.


In the JLBC Cadet Corps, the role of the platoon sergeant is essential for the platoon's success. By fostering a strong relationship with your PL, understanding and aligning expectations from higher leadership, and developing a cohesive approach to standards, training, and mission execution, you can ensure that your platoon is prepared for any challenge. As a PSG, remember that communication and collaboration are critical to your success and the success of your platoon.

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