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Employee empowerment

Employee empowerment is essential for employees; as they feel free and powerful, they will work efficiently and effectively to achieve organizational goals. The research study's result visibly proved that a positive and significant relationship exists between dependent and independent variables, and teamwork, employee empowerment, and training positively affect employee performance.

Recommendations and Future Directions

Teamwork, employee empowerment, and training should be adopted in every organization, whether the public sector or private sector organization, through which organizations increase their productivity and efficiency. Every organization needs to create an environment where employees cooperate and are satisfied with their jobs. This will help them to consume their full capabilities for better organizational performance. In the light of the above findings and discussions, I came up with the suggestion that companies need to provide teamwork tasks, empower their employees and provide a better quality of training for enhanced organizational productivity.

So, my recommendations are:

1. It is suggested that companies should focus on teamwork tasks and activities

to get better and desired results.

2. It is suggested that these companies should empower their employees to make necessary decisions whenever they need to achieve organizational goals and objectives.

3. It is suggested that companies should conduct training regularly to increase the skills and capabilities of their employees for higher organizational efficiency and productivity.

First of all, the sample belonged to employees working in cellular companies. Moreover, in this study, only three cellular companies with a small sample size were considered. Therefore, it is advised for future research to cover a massive area with large sample size. Likewise, this study explored the direct link between the dependent and independent variables. Future research may include moderating variables, such as the size of the organization, marital status of employees, etc. For data collection, a quantitative approach was used. If the qualitative approach is used for future research, it will be fruitful to find new strategies to improve employees' performance and organizational productivity.

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