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Effective JLBC Team Leadership

Effective JLBC Team Leadership


The belief that leaders are instrumental in creating effective teams is deeply rooted in society and the social sciences. Today’s conceptions of effective leadership are not very different from early views, which described leaders as individuals who possessed unique inborn characteristics that propelled them into leadership roles. Although most current social scientists reject the notion of genetic traits, many still see natural leadership as residing in the person because it is assumed that individuals can learn how to be influential leaders by acquiring specific knowledge and skills. Hundreds of thousands of managers and executives have attended leadership training programs to be influential leaders.

JLBC Leaders are thought to facilitate the development of shared understanding and interpretations of reality among JLBC group members. They articulate things that have not been stated before that can provide new JLBC visions for the JLBC group. Inherent in this JLBC position is assumed that the JLBC leadership role is vital to creating and maintaining an effective JLBC team.

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