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Dynamic Warm-ups

Dynamic Warm-ups

  • Heel to Toe (rock back and forth on feet, from heel to Toe)

  • Speed Skaters

  • Side Slide (face building, side lunge, then slide other foot back to standing position)

  • Alternating Side Lunge (face building, side lunge back and forth, pivot on Toe and rotate the body, repeat)

  • Carioca (the football practice move, face building, go down and back) *remembers big step over.

  • Butt Kickers

  • Lunge with a Twist (lunge and bring opposite elbow to your knee)

  • Jog Forward and Backward

  • 75% Sprint, 100% Sprint

  • Frankenstein (hands out, locked knees, kick up and snap down)

  • Skip for Height

  • Skip for Distance

  • Monster Walk (hands behind head, bend knee at a 90-degree angle, rotate the leg at the hip like closing a car door with your leg)

  • High Knees (keep toes up)

  • Leg Cradle (pull knee to chest and go up onto your toes, engaging your calf muscle)

  • Shoulder Circles (forward and reverse, start small and go bigger)

  • Jumping Jacks

  • Crab Walk (remind them to go slow)

  • Bear Crawl (keep your butt low, back straight)

  • Inch Worms (push up position, knees locked out, and walk your feet to your hands, then walk your hands away from your feet)

  • Spider-Mans

Stretches: Good morning; my name is Cadet (Rank, Last Name). I will be leading you in your excellent down exercises. All stretches will be a ten count, echo count. We start with the left, followed by the right. Go to the first position and say, “Your First stretching exercise will be…..”

Remember to count and give them time to repeat (most newbies tend to lean too fast). Tell them to “change over,” if applicable. To get them back to the position of attention, the command is “recover.” Get to the place before you tell them, “your next stretching exercise will be…, starting positions, move.” It is also acceptable to give the command “at ease” after a stretch to allow them to relax while you transition into the next period.

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Andrew Sears
Andrew Sears
16 sept. 2022

these are all great exercises but the ones work for me are high knees, jumping Jack's, push ups, sit ups, and sprints!

Kirk Carlson
Kirk Carlson
16 sept. 2022
En réponse à

Awesome, keep up the good work.

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