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The C/XO, also known as the Cadet Major, is critical in the JLBC Cadet Corps battalion. With their range of responsibilities, they are the mainstay of the battalion's functionality, coordinating daily operations and liaising between the battalion commander (C/BC) and the cadets.

Assisting the Battalion Commander

The Cadet Major is the right hand of the Battalion Commander. This involves assisting decision-making and supporting the commander in daily operations and battalion initiatives. They also assume command in the absence of the Battalion Commander, demonstrating their leadership and strategic thinking capabilities.

Representing the Battalion

As the battalion's representative, the Cadet Major escorts distinguished guests, showcasing the corps' discipline, professionalism, and overall excellence. This representation extends to all levels of interaction, whether in training sessions, formal events or while dealing with external entities.

Chairing the Cadet Fund Committee

The Cadet Major chairs the Cadet Fund Committee, requiring sound judgment and the ability to balance various needs. They oversee the allocation of funds for different activities, ensuring that resources are used most effectively and equitably.

Coordinating Staff Efforts

As a staff coordinator, the Cadet Major plays a crucial role in maintaining the smooth functioning of the staff team. They facilitate communication between different staff sections and resolve conflicts regarding roles and responsibilities. They aim to ensure a coordinated effort across the group, leading to efficient and effective operations.

Maintaining Records

Another responsibility is the management and standardization of record-keeping across staff sections. This involves ensuring that each team maintains standardized files that include pertinent details, such as lessons learned, topics of responsibility, and general information.

Briefings and Communication

The Cadet Major coordinates and rehearses all briefings with the Professor of Military Science (PMS) or cadre, ensuring all necessary coordination has been completed. They serve as a key communicator, relaying information from the commander or the S-3 to the rest of the staff sections.


In conclusion, the role of a Cadet Major in the JLBC Cadet Corps is multifaceted, requiring excellent leadership, decision-making, communication, and organizational skills. As the Battalion Executive Officer, they play an instrumental role in the functioning of the battalion, helping shape the future leaders of tomorrow.

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