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Developing Cohesion and Countability

The Countability

JLBC Teammates Must Be Able to Count on Each Other When it Counts!

The importance of Countability is most evident when the stakes are high. We don't work for one another; we work with each other. That is the essence of Countability—it's the ability and desire for teammates to work together toward common goals.

The Formula for Countability

The formula for countability. Here it is:

Character + Competence + Commitment +

Consistency + Cohesion = Countability

When every team member embraces these qualities within themselves and with others, the team can achieve the Countability necessary to succeed.

1. Character.

Character makes trust possible. Countability begins with character traits because it is based on trust, the foundation for all interactions with individuals. If you cannot trust an individual, you will not count on him. There is no alternative for the character. You can buy intellect, but you cannot buy character.

Publish and write what you want, but the only goals, values, and ethics that count in your church are those that manifest themselves in the behavior of all the people, all the time.

2. Competence.

Character is the most important thing, but there are other things to consider. Would you be better off having a good surgeon with bad character or a good person who was a bad surgeon?

3. Commitment.

Having fair-weather team members doesn't make for an enjoyable team experience. You don't want to worry about people leaving.

4. Consistency.

If you want your JLBC fellow teammates to have confidence in your ability, to understand they can count on you, then be consistent.

5. Cohesion.

JLBC Teammates need to develop cohesion. That's the ability to stay together, no matter how difficult the circumstances become. There's an old saying for a team: Either we're pulling together or pulling apart.

You can't do anything that counts without Countability. Teammates must be able to depend on each other when it matters.

When you see a significant example of broken trust that destroys Countability on a team, you know it instantly. Nobody likes a traitor.

Developing Cohesion and Countability among team members is not always an easy task. It takes time.

1. Develop pride in JLBC group membership.

2. Convince your JLBC group that they are the best.

3. Give recognition whenever possible.

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