Where Leaders are Made

Updated: Oct 27

We will teach you about leadership—how to BE a leader, what you need to KNOW when you are influencing others, and what you DO when you are leading. You will learn about character and values, leadership theories and principles, and human behavior. You will have the opportunity to take the leadership lessons learned in the classroom to the drill field. Most importantly, we will help you build your relationships in your community service projects and your daily participation in school, work, and community.

Training Future Leaders Today

We develop leaders with a curriculum allowing freedom to test entrepreneurial ideas. Students gain a competitive advantage with immersive education from business mentors.

Achieve your full potential

Our vision is to prepare our children to live fulfilled lives as positive, motivated lifelong learners who adapt, contribute and give their best as local, national and global citizens in an ever changing technological world.


Love to #Learn? Good news!

We have classes (#Leadership #Drill #MartialArts) that will help you achieve success in every aspect of your life. We empower students to make their dreams reality. So go ahead and #Dream away!

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